Dr. Chong Kheng Law (T.C.M)

Dr. Chong Kheng Law was brought up in a Village in China where there was only 1 western Doctor whose job basically only involved administering vaccinations.

Chong’s family has had a long history associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. It might be very surprising to our modern day society that wisdom tooth extraction and removal of tonsils and appendix were very rare even in her village.

This of course is the result of a good , natural, simple diet, herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, Tai chi and outdoor exercises e.g. climbing the trees, swimming in the crystal clean river, meditation. These were all encouraged as preventative treatments. Children especially were chewing lots of sugar cane and animal bones so that their teeth were strong and healthy and their jaws are big enough to accommodate wisdom teeth in their later adult life.

Since the 1970’s Chong has traveled around the world to learn different kinds of medicine & cultures and later worked in various big training hospitals. During her spare time she went to different Chinese professors’ houses for private tuition following that up with clinical practice specializing in internal medicine, pediatric care, skin & gynecology.

In 1980’s she opened her own clinic in Coburg and Brighton . Her first concern about all patients is to listen to all their complaints whether physical or emotional. After careful consultation, the need and the reason for the appropriate treatment such as herbs, acupuncture, massage, and cupping are explained. Preventative measures such as diet and specific exercises are given.

Positive life outlook generally helps with emotional problems.